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Updated: 10 May 2022

YASS events in 2022  .  .  .

For a full list of our YASS events from January to June go to : Meetings and events in 2022

Our York Anglo-Scandinavian Society meetings are held at the Norwegian Study Centre, Quantum House, University of York, Heslington, YO10 5BR at 7.30pm. You can download a PDF file listing the YASS meetings and events for January to June 2022. [ Download PDF file – 2022 York Anglo-Scandinavian Society Meetings and Events January to June 2022 ]

For more information about YASS and what we do, send an email to YASS Secretary  (

Come and join us for our Sankt Hans Aften on Friday 17 June from 6:30pm .  .  .

Arriving at our Sankt Hans bonfire party Friday
17 June
6:30 pm
Sankt Hans Aften with Bonfire and outdoor social evening
Contact YASS Secretary in advance.  Bring some refreshments to share.  
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Covid-19 coronavirus advice: The University of York asks for face-coverings to be worn in the NSC building and meeting room. The University also expects staff and students to take regular Covid tests, as this protects others, and many people with coronavirus may have no symptoms, but can still pass on the virus to others.