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Updated: 20 September 2018

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Tuesday 16th October 7.30pm at the Norwegian Study Centre, University of York

Norway seen through the eyes of German wartime artists.  Presented by Prof Erik Tonning,  Director of the Norwegian Study Centre.

NB:  Due to circumstances beyond our control the event originally scheduled for this date (‘Wolves and Water’) will now take place on Thursday 21 March 2019.  


Some highlights from our   2017-18 season. 

For our second event of the season we had an excellent talk by Dr Trevor Julian,  from York Civic Trust.

He reminded us that York was seen as a mirror of British history and then showed an excellent array of photographs illustrating that York does indeed have examples of all the periods of history (eg. Roman,  Anglo-Saxon,  Norman,  Medieval).  It good to hear that Swedish engineering in the Minster undercroft saved the central tower from collapse.   We also heard that a number of miraculous events have helped preserve our beautiful city – in 1799 the city corporation wanted to demolish the city walls !  This was prevented by Parliament,  thankfully,  William Etty saved Bootham Bar from destruction in the 1830s when St Leonard’s Place was created.  Just over a hundred years later a brave French pilot saved York from many more bombs in WWII. A drastic inner ring road plan mooted from 1948 to the 1970s was prevented from coming to fruition.

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We were delighted to have a record attendance at our first event lasr season !

Over 50 people came to hear about 100 years of Finnish independence and sample some Finnish food.