2019-20 Programme

Updated:  6 November 2019

2019-20 Programme – all events take place at the Norwegian Study Centre, Quantum House, Science Park, University of York,  Heslington,  YO10 DD  and start at 7.30pm unless otherwise stated.

Presentations  are followed by informal discussion over light refreshments.  Visitors are always welcome as guests.

Thursday 19 September:  Music and monuments:  Steve Bielby’s talk on the Stone Festival in Trondheim in June 2019 will be accompanied by live Scandinavian music played by Vivien Flynn and friends.

Saturday 12 October:  Autumn Walk

Thursday 17 October:  A Finnish film

Thursday 14 November:  All the world love his plays.  Why don’t we ?   Prof. Erik Tonning (Director of the Norwegian Study Centre,  University of York) talks about Jon Fosse’s British reception and a case for giving him a chance. 

Friday 6 December: Lucia Celebration at York Minster.  7.30pm (doors open 7pm).  A collaboration between YASS and the Dean and Chapter of the Minster.  Collection during the service (for the benefit of CoScan Travel Fund and York Minster).

Tuesday 14 January:  Nature, Identity and Swedish Landscape Painting.  Isabelle Gapp (University of York).

Friday 7 February:   Dinner to celebrate 60 years of YASS at Bedern Hall.  7pm for 7.30pm.  Admission by ticket only.

15-23 February:  Jorvik Viking Festival

Thursday 20 February:  Tolkien and Icelandic literature.   Rory McTurk (Emeritus Professor of Icelandic Studie,  University of Leeds).

Wednesday 18 March: Apocalyptic Imagery on Anglo-Scandinavian Stone Crosses.   Amanda Doviak (University of York)

Saturday 28 April: Spring Walk: Details to be announced.

Tuesday 21 April:  Danish story-telling and AGM

Saturday 16 May:  Summer trip to Durham to visit the cathedral and exhibitions and walk along the river.  Steve Bielby is our guide.

Friday 19 June:  Sankt Hans Aften with bonfire and party.   Venue to be announced.